Unwrapping Designerbox #28

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Our first Designerbox finally arrived! #28 came in a chic wooden box, in which contains all the materials required for the designer object, a certificate of authenticity, <The Iconic> intro newsletter and a Wallpaper City Guide of Tokyo.

Aptly named "Lumiere Precieuse", designer object #28 is a self-assembling lamp with a cloche that encases the bulb within. The emitted light takes on a new meaning when viewed through the glass case. It [the light] resembles more like a rare artefact that we see in a museum, rather than a mere luminous source that we use for reading or for decorative purposes. 

The designer, Gesa Hansen, was born in Germany, schooled at the Bauhaus University, lived in Tokyo for two years (which explains the Wallpaper Tokyo guide, perhaps?) before settling in Paris. In her own words: "When you make something yourself, you make this object your own, it becomes something personal. A cloche adds something special to whatever you display in it. Light looks really elegant when seen through one."

Let the unboxing begin!

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