Thoughts into Action: The Super5 Story

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Released in 2013, the Super5 fountain pen is a culmination of ideas and experiences, carefully distilled over the course of 30 years. 

Mr. Robert Neuman, Super5 designer, was never completely satisfied with the pens that he had been using since his student days. They write too thick, scratch the paper surface and have frequent ink flow interruption. He decided to take things in his own hands and create a product that will not only satisfy his writing needs, but, at the same time, provide a valuable solution to anyone who encounter the same problems. 

The exceptional Super5 fountain pen, produced in collaboration with a German manufacturing company, has no iridium ball at the tip. When writing vertical, thick lines are produced; when horizontal, thinner effects can be achieved, Its plane edge, like calligraphy pen, creates a very comfortable ink flow that allows users to find a nice rhythm while writing (or sketching). 

Super5 is good for daily use and suitable for both left and right-handed artists. (note: we are all artists, whether we like it or not)

Why Super5? According to Robert, its 0.5mm quill allows you to write the number "5" in a 5mm square precisely.

The Super5 inks, also made in Germany, have also been specially formulated by Robert to join the ranks of some of the very few waterproof inks available in the market. They come in 6 colours, these shades have elicited "wows" from artists who have seen and tried them.

We thank Robert for turning his idea into reality. We also applaud his bravery and determination in putting thoughts into action, something that we should learn and apply to our own endeavors. 

Super 5 start-off list:
- Super 5 fountain pen
- Super 5 ink
- Ink converter
- Good paper (we recommend Super5 sketchbooks and/or Kunst & Papier)
Made in Germany.
Exclusively available at
(Please contact us at for any questions on Super5 that you may have.....when we say any, we mean any.)






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