Whimsical Jade at 'La Specola' : Drawing Science

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Our featured artist, Whimsical Jade, shares with us some of her works sketched at 'La Specola', while living in Italy for 2 years.

'La Specola' is essentially a science museum that houses numerous exhibits collected by generations of the Medicis. Although categorized under "Science", it may be more accurate to call it a taxidermy museum, considering that more than half of the collection comprises fine animal specimens.

Officially inaugurated in 1775, it became the only scientific institution specifically created for the public. At present, visitors have access to 34 rooms, 24 dedicated to zoological artifacts and the remaining to detailed glass cases of anatomic waxes that represent the human body.

In Whimsical Jade words:
"Armed with a spiral-bound sketchbook and a watercolour palette, I immersed myself every other weekend within the wonderful world of taxidermy and anatomic waxes. 'La Specola', a hidden gem located in Florence, Italy, had been my escape from the tons of tourists who flock to this renaissance town by the Arno river. Since the 18th Century, this space has been a haven for studying the animal and insect world. Each species, whether living, rare or extinct, is a feast for the zoological and visual soul."

We work with Whimsical Jade to produce a line of greeting cards under the brand name - Camel Under Tree (C.U.T.) 

To view more of Whimsical Jade's works, please visit her site

Link to 'La Specola', click here.

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