Paper Crane Tower, Hiroshima

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Orizuru Tower, the latest sight in Hiroshima, officially opened in September 2016. Ori  means "folded" and Tsuru  means "crane." Put together, we get paper crane, which forms the main theme of this building.

Located next to the A-Bomb Dome, the Orizuru Tower underwent a conversion from an office building to the existing mixed-use facility tower. Hiroshima-based Hiroshi Sambuichi is the architect in charge of this refurbishment and redesign.

The tower consists of a cafe and a souvenir shop on the first floor (street level), an observation deck on the top floor, an interactive multimedia space on the 12th floor, and office space in between.

Visitors can make wishes by dropping paper cranes that they have folded through a 50m tall Orizuru Wall. On-lookers from the outside can see this 50m "flight path," which reinforces the "paper crane" theme of the tower.

Orizuru Tower
Orizuru Tower

Paper crane folding instructions

Paper cranes

Making a wish

Orizuru Wall

Observation Deck (day)

Observation Deck (sunset)

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