Kazuo Kobayashi, Origami Ambassador

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Origami uses the simple action of folding to create paper sculptures.

Anyone can fold a piece of paper, just like anyone can produce sounds on a piano. To be skilful in any activity, however, requires many years of practice. How effortless one performs an activity can be a simple measure of his or her level of competence.

Kazuo Kobayashi exudes origami. In interviews, he often speaks and folds at the same time - effortlessly. To Kobayashi, whom we can consider an Origami Ambassador, paper art replaces words as a communication mode. "If it's a rabbit, it's a rabbit,"  for the world over. Paper is available everywhere, so everyone can enjoy origami.

Kobayashi also maintains that origami trains headspace cognition, concentration and creativity. To him, origami is good for the body, and people who practise origami live longer. 

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