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We received our moment of frisson when Designerbox #29 arrived and introduced us to the multi-talented artist: Christian Haas. 

With projects ranging from tableware, glassware and furniture to interior concepts and special projects with art galleries and magazines, Mr. Haas is an intrepid artist who takes up design challenges of all magnitudes. 

His Tools

Mr. Haas works with porcelain, glass, marble, wood and light: 

His Inspiration

Mr. Haas's inspiration comes from his frequent travels to Japan and his work experiences and stays in Munich, Paris, and most recently, Porto. He speaks of the reason behind his choice of Porto:"In Portugal, I have found an exceptional environment of craftsmanship, over here, people are really willing to try on new things and to invest themselves in the making of mock-ups and tries."

An inspiration from folding art (origami) can be seen in some of his works:

RAIN, edition of low tables, Gallery Bensimon, 2014RAIN, edition of low tables, Gallery Bensimon, 2014


COMPRESSED, edition of side table, Christian Haas, 2002COMPRESSED, edition of side table, Christian Haas, 2002


His Artwork

Unboxing Designerbox #29 reveals "Tactile", a duet of grids. It is an artwork inspired by folding art, which exudes a no-frills graphical aesthetic which Mr. Haas may have picked up during his trips to Japan. 

Instead of pure aesthetic per se, "Tactile" has a more utilitarian purpose and requires the participation of the user to complete the artwork. 

 Photo Credit: christian-haas.com

Info Credit: christian-haas.com, Designerbox #29 newsletter


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