Of ABCs and 123s: Wondriska, the Visual Story Teller

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Famous for his children books, William Wondriska is a celebrated illustrator and writer. 

Wondriska was born in Oak Park, Illinois and studied at Yale University and the Art Institute of Chicago. In the 1960s, Wondriska founded Wondriska Associates, a design firm which does branding work for clients such as Walt Disney Company and Boston Symphony. 

From the simplest books that teach children numbers and the alphabet, to more complex ones that convey certain morals to readers, Wondriska's works contain freshness and energy that allow the old and young alike to see familiar stories told in a different style. 

Many of Wondriska's works have been out-of-print. Shop Oryx is proud to carry five of his most poplar titles for readers to enjoy:

123 A Book to See

All By Myself

All the Animals Were Angry

Non Perdere il Filo

Which Way to The Zoo



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