Esselte's Catalogue Cover: Thinking about Hans Op de Beeck

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We discovered this German issue of Esselte's catalogue and were immediately blown away by its metropolis-inspired cover. 

From the catalogue, we initially thought that Esselte is a German company. A search in Wikipedia tells us otherwise. Esselte, a huge stationery company, is founded in 1913 in Stockholm, Sweden, but currently controlled by J.W. Childs & Associates, a Boston-based private equity firm. 

Who knew that different sizes of staple can be arranged to achieve an idea of an urban landscape?

Incidentally, Esselte's "metropolis" cover led us to recall one of Hans Op de Beeck's scenes in "Staging Silence 2", a video installation. 

Being video stills, they could not exude the sense of anticipation through the staging process. We strongly recommend watching the entire video installation from its initial scene where several hints are revealed, through its mesmerizing build-up and eventually to its final scene which may leave you open-mouthed as to how the entire idea has been conceived. (Info: The "Metropolis" starts from 3:03)


Here are some other images of Op de Beeck's work, a prelude to another blog which will exclusively be dedicated to this amazing visual artist. 




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