Unboxing Designerbox #30

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Homegrown Singapore designer - Nathan Yong x  

We were astounded by its petite and iconic wooden box  and how heavy it weighs. 

Freewheeling inside is a cylindrical object wrapped in kraft paper, fitting the size of one's palm.

It is a solid piece of white marble with 4 holes drilled from the top.

It is a pen holder....a chic one.

The marble trend has evolved from interior design to other creative industries like fashion, art, food styling, graphic design, statioary etc. Designers race to either use the marble's print on unexpected objects or the actual material itself in their creations.

Nathan Yong's mathematical calculative approach created Sputnik, transforming a luxurious material into a trendy and fun object. 

Combining the laws of gravity and equilibrium, he created a paradox - a tipping balanced object. 

Little formidable Sputnik is quite a character on any desk...

This lead us to wonder how much can we twist an ordinary object to become extraordinary?

For more intriging works by Nathan Yong, please visit his site.  

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