Rendezvous with a Box

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The subscription-based business model is no stranger. Periodicals, gym memberships, cable television, among others.

But to subscribe to beautifully made design items, bundled with a story delivered to your door - that is a novelty. Based in Paris, Designerbox is one such company.

Launched in June 2013, Designerbox works with some of the best contemporary designers to create an exclusive object each month. 

Every object comes with a story of its designer and manufacturer. Receivers continue the story when they integrate the object into their lives. Designerbox believes that good design should be accessible to all. The team sources only the best craftsmen to manufacture the products in limited quanitity. Once ready, the object is carefully packed in a numbered wooden box and dispatched out into the world. 

Says Designerbox: "The idea is a simple and effective one. Working with the element of surprise, Designerbox brings original, playful and affordable design to the home."

We signed up for a 4 months subscription and the first box arrives in October. 

Will you come unbox with us?



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