Krinking on Hyundai, Part II

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After months of procrastinating, we finally got down to ing the massive blank bonnet of our loyal Verna. 

Tons of ways to use  markers, for this project, we did pointillism and smudging...

The star of the show is our husky - Michael. 

A blank canvas, in our case, a blank bonnet, with our choice of colours to begin. 

Rough sketch of Michael done using generic white wax crayon that is waterproof, yet easy to erase.

Base of white is applied to form the silhouette. to create a furry look?

Pointillism technique best helped to create the furry texture. 

Next, adding the tail and front paws...

And then the body.

 markers used.

 K-60 Black

 K-60 Silver

 K-60 White

Close up.

Perfect day to create with a pal.



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