Wallpaper Celebration

  • SGD 60.00

By AA. VV.
ISBN: 978-88-7570-330-1

Wallpaper Celebration stems from an idea by Paola Jannelli and Matteo Ragni who created a special event during the Fuorisalone 2011 to celebrate the company’s 50th birthday. This big party, an important birthday after all, involved participation by 5 designers of world fame (Diego Grandi, Giulio Iacchetti, Italo Lupi, Paola Navone and Matteo Ragni) and 10 young new talents. The result was 5x10, the mathematical formula that gives its name to the idea.

The book starts with a selection of real samples of artists’ wallpapers, giving the opportunity to actually touch what the 5 designers created for Jannelli&Volpi: two patterns by each designer, as well as several variations, are collected in the book printed on special pages that can be folded and detached so you can keep the designs you like best. The book, its different materials and graphics brightening up the pages, also includes a piece by Marco Romanelli on the history of wallpaper – something which has been around forever and is in constant evolution –, interviews with the 5 designers and photographs of the event held during Fuorisalone 2011 where the work of these famous designers intermingled with that of emerging talents. The colours and originality of the pages in Wallpaper Celebration are also reflected in its outward appearance. Every copy has a different spine and is bound with samples of the designer wallpaper. Each book is therefore unique. The party continues, just like the enthusiasm of Jannelli&Volpi, which launches the company ahead in time with its usual light-hearted touch of playfulness. Wallpaper Celebration is a tribute to wallpaper, a covering that goes way beyond mere decoration to become a window on another world that can appear both unreachable and fantastical.