Forever Paris

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PB Integra flexibound, 160 pp.,
123 b/w illus.
6 × 7 ¾ in. (15 × 19.5 cm)
ISBN: 978-2-08-020255-0

Timeless Photographs of
the City of Lights

Keystone Press Agency

Glamour, jazz, street festivals, romance—all of the
most beloved aspects of Paris shine in these lyrical
black-and-white photographs.

In the carefree years of the early twentieth century, Paris
bubbled with energy and an exuberance to enjoy life to
the fullest. This beautifully produced pocket edition of
nostalgic black-and-white photographs celebrates the
vibrant character of this “movable feast” of a city. The
photographs capture the glittering stars of the day ambling
through the streets and nightclubs of Paris—Humphrey
Bogart and Lauren Bacall, Nina Simone and Miles Davis,
Marlene Dietrich and Sammy Davis Jr. Turning the pages,
you can daydream away a sunny afternoon with a freshfaced
Audrey Hepburn on a café terrace, or admire the
perfect silhouette of a young Yves Saint Laurent lost in

These photographs also portray Parisians in their
everyday life. Fall in love like the enamored couple
embracing on the banks of the Seine. Note the swinging
hem of a fashionable woman strolling with friends along
the Champs-Élysées. Join youngsters sailing miniature
sailboats in the Luxembourg Gardens or observe local
passersby at the lighthearted, musical spectacle of Parisian
street life. Revealing the timeless charm of the City of
Lights, this carefully curated collection of photographs
from the first half of the twentieth century captures
perfectly the effervescent spirit of life in Paris.

Keystone Press Agency, founded in Pennsylvania in 1891 and
specializing in photojournalism, is today part of the esteemed
Gamma-Rapho photo agency, which manages the archives of
master photographers such as Robert Doisneau, Édouard Boubat,
and other talented photographers from the early twentieth