Colouring as Therapy - Still Life w/ Fruit

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Colouring is not just an activity for children, but an enjoyable and therapeutic pastime for adults too. 

We work hard to juggle the many challenges and complexities of modern life, and we need time to relax and recharge. The simple, meditative act of colouring in lines on a page can help to alleviate anxiety, sharpen our concentration, and cultivate a deep sense of calm.

You don’t need to be an artist to create a masterpiece. Our illustrators have designed these posters with collaboration in mind. Using their framework as a guide, we encourage you to exercise your imagination as you select your colours and fill in between – and outside – the lines.

An ideal activity for time spent alone or shared in the company of friends.

The School of Life commisioned art collective Atelier Deux-Mille to re-invent the traditional still life. Their solution: a colour-by-shape basket of fruit complete with key for colouring in. 

Atelier Deux-Mille is a collective made of four artists and designers: Nicolas Delpech, Bejamin Stoop, Lucas Faudeux & Eugenie Babion.

Not only artists and designers, they are craftsmen too working from a printing studio in Toulouse, France.

They love process colours and their favourite fruits are the real ones. To see more of their work, click here.

A1 Colouring poster | 680 x 990mm | 128gsm art paper

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*Colours shown in the picture are only examples - please feel free to choose your own!