• SGD 24.00

By Suzy Lee
ISBN: 978-88-7570-146-8

When the waves play and go out, the sea leaves on the beach the shells that carried in itself: an unexpected surprise! This book is the tale of the meeting between a little girl and the world of the sea: at the beginning it is curiously observed from the outside, then shyly brushed and finally “played” among splashes and jokes, together with an odd group of gulls. ... Until their worlds meet in a wave that colours everything light blue, and the little girl can pick up the shells like the present of a new friend. The illustrations of this book were made with charcoal and acrylic colours, then digitally edited.

Suzy Lee was born in Seoul, she lives and works in Singapore. After a Master of Arts in Book Arts at the Camberwell College of Arts (2001), she took part in several exhibitions of book arts and painting all over the world, and received several prizes and awards. After Alice in wonderland and Mirror, L’onda is her third book published by Corraini.