Alice in Wonderland

  • SGD 24.00

By Suzy Lee
ISBN: 978-88-7570-211-3

Floating between a mixture of flat drawings and black and white photographs, Alice’s story takes place among shadow games, space illusions and artistic allusions that re-create in a personal way the literary references of Lewis Carroll’s novel. A book about the dream-within-a-dream, the picture-within-a-picture, and the book-within-a-book: the story begins in an tiny thatre with orchestra and audience, then it goes on in a hidden world among everyday objects, and terminates in suspense between illusion and reality. In its vivid black and white, this book is an unusual visual adventure summarized by Lewis Carroll’s renowned sentence: “Is all our life, then, but a dream?”.

Suzy Lee was born in Seoul, she lives and works in Singapore. After a Master of Arts in Book Arts at the Camberwell College of Arts (2001), she took part in several exhibitions of book arts and painting all over the world, and received several prizes and awards. Alice in Wonderland is her first book, originally published in 2002 and now re-published in this second edition. This book has been selected to be included in the Artist’s Book Collection, Tate Britain, London.