Adolf Krischanitz

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Adolf Krischanitz

Texts by Otto Kapfinger, Ákos Moravánszky, Gottfried Pirhofer, Elisabeth von Samsonow, graphic design by Loys Egg
German, English
2015. ca. 288
23.80 x 28.80 cm
ca. 200 ills.

ISBN 978-3-7757-3482-0

The Austrian architect’s projects and approach in an extensive, elaborately designed, and playfully organized monograph

Besides making buildings for living and working, Adolf Krischanitz also specializes in buildings for art and culture. Most recently, for instance, are his 21 Haus in Vienna and the Temporary Kunsthalle on the Schlossplatz in Berlin, excellent examples of what architecture in the service of art can look like. This publication presents his diverse projects, which cover every genre, from furniture design to museum. Otto Kapfinger, architecture theorist and journalist has conceived an open structure for the book, impressively conveying Krischanitz’s special approach, his apparently minimalist aesthetics, and the sublime style of his buildings. Organized according to themes and concepts, the essays explore the architect’s impact on intersecting points, such as architecture/urban planning, theory/practice, and architecture/contemporary art, but ultimately leave the last word to beautiful architectural expression.