Super5 iNK Frankfurt

  • SGD 32.00

The Super5 iNK is a special ink available in 6 different colours. The colours are appropriate for writing, drawing and anything you wish to use it for. The Super5 iNK is absolutely waterproof on paper and is ideally suited for contour drawings or typography. It is the perfect companion for the Super5 Fountain Pen. For use of the ink in the Super5 Fountain Pen, you may need an ink converter. All inks are temperature and humidity resistant.

**We strongly recommend to rinse the fountain pen with water throughly following each use of the Super5 iNK. 

- pH: 7.51
- Lightfastness*: 7

* Lightfastness (Blue Wool Scale): 8 = Outstanding, 7 = Excellent, 6 = Very Good, 5 = Good, 4 = Fairly Good, 3 = Fairly, 2 = Poor, 1 = Very Poor